The Love Doctor is IN Episode 161: Sex and Intimacy with Pepper Schwartz

Are you feeling distant or unfulfilled in your sexual relationship and looking for insights into how sex can be better? Or maybe your sexual and intimate life is great, but you think it could be even more soulful and intense? Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Pepper Schwartz, sociologist, sexologist, author, matching expert on the hit television show “Married at First Sight,” and a relationship expert for a new app for couples called “Paired.” Pepper has spent decades helping couples with their intimate and sexual relationships. She will discuss how to know yourself, your sexuality, and your sexual self in a relationship much better. She also will share more information on Paired, the new app for couples.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 160: Learning to Surf in These Uncertain Times with Debra Orbuch Grayson

These are challenging times. You are facing unprecedented changes, and no one knows what the answers are. So, how do you cope in these uncertain times? Dr.Terri talks to Debra Orbuch Grayson (MS, MFT), a licensed marriage and family therapist, supervisor, trainer and author of “Building Healthy Family Relationships: A Workbook for Parents and Stepparents.” Debra discusses how surfing can help you build strength and manage all the changes coming your way. She will share the “ABC’s” of learning to surf and no wet-suit is required.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 159: Lessons in Resiliency From an Ex-NFL Player with Sean Conley

The cutthroat world of pro-sports chews through players. Players are plagued with soul-crushing injuries and rejections. Dr.Terri talks to Sean Conley, ex-NFL kicker and author of the new book, “The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More to Life Than the NFL.” Sean discusses how he hit rock bottom but then discovered a path to profound healing and a new life. Now a teacher himself, he shares the lessons he learned as he replaced fear with joy, and toxic drive with compassion.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 158: Strategies to Overcome Burnout From Prolonged Stress with Jennifer Marcenelle

Burnout is a growing mental and emotional health problem. If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, exhausted or just burned out from all of the challenges and changes in 2020 – you’re not alone. Studies show that burnout has reached epidemic proportions. Dr.Terri talks to Jennifer Marcenelle, a Board Certified Holistic Nurse with over 30 years experience in the medical industry and author of the new book, “From Burning Out to Burning Bright: Get Your Life Back By Healing Your Thoughts, Memories, and Emotions.” Jennifer shares tools to empower you to create some peace in your life with immediate and long-term relief and solutions.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 157: Simple Practices to Optimize Where and How You Work with Dr. Thalma Lobel

We all want to perform at our best and be successful, creative and happy at work. Yet these days, with the COVID-19 pandemic, work can be stressful. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Thalma Lobel, an internationally recognized psychologist, expert on human behavior, and author of the new book, “Whatever Works: The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Our Success at Work–and How to Create a Happier Office” Lobel states that things we typically overlook–from workspace fixtures, such as lighting, to commonplace gestures–can have a big influence on performance and well-being at work.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 156: The Power of Thinking Like a Child with Nir Bashan

The vast majority of bright and ambitious people are working at half their potential because they’ve only developed the analytical part of their thinking. Sadly, creativity is often pigeonholed as a gift reserved for artistic types. Dr.Terri talks to Nir Bashan, a world-renowned creativity expert, business consultant, and author of the new book, “The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability.” Bashan says everything about creativity can be learned, with remarkable gains in productivity, confidence and achievement.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 155: Why Amazing Singles Settle For Less Than They Deserve And How to Fix It with Elliot Davis

Are you staying in relationships that don’t work or meet your needs? Is it because your partner is “not that bad” and you’ve grown comfortable in your current situation? Dr. Terri talks to Elliott Davis, a values-based relationship coach and professional consultant and trainer. He says that your time and energy are valuable, so you need to date like you mean it. You owe it to yourself to find the right one.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 154: How to Speak Up When You See or Hear Subtle Acts of Exclusion with Dr. Michael Baran

Microaggressions are ways that people unintentionally exclude and alienate others. Even though they may be unintentional, they inflict harm. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Michael Baran, social scientist, researcher and co-author of the new book, “Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify, and Stop Microaggressions.” Dr. Baran states that while overt racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination are relatively easy to spot, you cannot neglect the subtler everyday actions that normalize exclusion in our society.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 152: The Secret to Setting and Accomplishing Your Biggest Goals with Gregg Clunis

Are you struggling with achieving your life goals? Do you want to change your life but can’t seem to make the big adjustments you need? Dr.Terri talks to Gregg Clunis, entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of the book “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Everyday Changes to Accomplish More, Crush Your Goals, and Create the Life You Want.” Gregg is passionate about helping people get out of their own way so they can create real change and build the life they’ve always wanted.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 151: How to Create Your Own Winning Story with Christine Hofbeck

Do you want to increase your opportunities for success and consistently achieve your goals? And, at the same time, be happier and more satisfied along the way? Dr.Terri talks to Christine Hofbeck, author, speaker, consulting actuary, runner up of CBS’s Survivor Season 35, and author of the new book, “Winning Conditions: How to Achieve the Professional Success You Deserve by Managing the Details That Matter”. Christine discusses how you can dream, and win!! She says that by fine-tuning the delivery of your work, you can succeed in your career and personal life.

The Love Doctor is IN Episode 150: Recognizing and Recovering From Toxic Relationships with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Are you in a toxic relationship? Exhausted by conflict or constant drama and ready for things to change for the better? Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Rhoberta Shaler (PhD), author, speaker, and also known as The Relationship Help Doctor. Dr. Shaler discusses how to identify and recover from the relentlessly difficult people she calls Hijackals®. She offers insights, strategies, and support to reclaim hope, confidence and your sanity.